What toll did the war in Afghanistan take after the attacks of September 11th? I visited Herat to find out

Iranian Kazakhs

Rare images of a minority enthnic group with its own, distinct culture

Zoroastrians in Iran

An ancient religion, once ubiquitous, is celebrating a quiet comeback in some areas of the country

South America

Come along for a journey through a continent full of visual wonders

Refugee Camps

After the Afghan war I visited a number of refugee camps, trying to find signs of hope amidst the tragedy

Presidential Elections In Iran

In 2009, I observed supporters of then-President Amadinejad as well as his challenger, Mir Hossein Mousavi

Iraqi Kurdistan

An region full of history and cultural treasures – sadly dominated today by weapons and violence

Iraq After the War

When the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein ended in 2004, I visited a country ravaged by war, yet full of hope for a better future

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